I am Lourdes and I am a Spanish teacher. I am from Valencia but my origins are from Andalucía.

In 2011 I graduated in Pedagogy from the University of Valencia and while studying, I worked as a volunteer in an association teaching Spanish to refugees.

It was there that I fell in love with the teaching of Spanish, so I decided to specialize in ELE teaching and I gained the Diploma in Methodology and Didactics of Spanish as a foreign language in collaboration with the Instituto Cervantes from the University of Valencia.  That’s how my adventure began.

In 2014 I moved to Italy, (which I consider my home, because it is where part of my family and friends are, and where I left part of my heart) where I  lived for 7 years. In Italy I studied the courses to be an examiner of the Instituto Cervantes at all levels and since 2014, I have worked as an examiner in the DELE.

I have also worked in different institutes of higher education in Milan, not only as a grammar teacher, but also as a language and literature teacher to Baccalaureate students.

I combined my work in high school with private classes in academies and courses for adults and companies (I lived in Varese, a city where people of different nationalities live) as well as in summer camps. I also worked for a recording studio giving my voice to characters in ELE audio teaching books (it was super fun!).

My last year in Italy was spent working in a primary school where I had the opportunity to work with children in a more playful and fun way and where, due to the pandemic, I entered the world of online classes.

Currently I teach online, it is a great way to learn Spanish and it enables students to feel closer than it may seem, after all “I enter your home” and we can even do the class in slippers while  having a cup of coffee or tea. Since I believe that training and learning should be constant throughout life, I am also doing a Masters degree  in Secondary Teaching and university courses to deepen the skills and strategies for online classes.

Besides this, I have founded La Ola Camp. La Ola Camp is a multidisciplinary campus that takes place in Valencia where sports, culture and language are combined. In the mornings, children from 6 to 15 years old,  Spanish and Italian, enjoy the sport on the beaches of Valencia. Whilst during the afternoons, they can enjoy the wonderful city of Valencia, its cuisine   and its language with mini Spanish classes.

I love teaching Spanish. I think it’s a very enriching way to meet other people, their culture and their traditions… I never tire of learning new things from my students and all this through Spanish.

Would you like to know more about me?